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Samsung Unveils Ultra-Definition 3D TV

Samsung has unveiled its latest prototype television technology, a 70inch screen which offers full 3D ‘ultra-definition’ video.

The prototype TV blows away traditional high-definition displays by increasing the resolution from 1,920×1,080 to a massive 3,840×2,160.

The Ultra-Definition display offers a picture around four times more detailed than a regular HD unit, but has one particular drawback: at the moment, there are very few video sources that can take advantage of the extra resolution, with Blu-ray maxing out at regular High-Definition resolutions.

As well as the additional resolution, Samsung has also equipped the display with a 240Hz refresh rate – around double that of most 3DTVs on the market today. When used with the included shutter glasses, it results in a 3D image that is completely free from the sensation of ‘flicker’ that can plague sets with lower refresh rates.

Posted: November 9th, 2010
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