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SES Astra To Demo Glasses-Free 3DTV

In preparation for their upcoming demonstration of their glasses free 3DTV technology, Astra released this information in a press release:

“The quality of glasses-free 3DTV technologies have been hampered by viewing angles, depth, resolution and real-time imagery issues with few yet to deliver that premium-viewing experience,” said Thomas Wrede, vice-president, reception systems SES Astra. “iPONT’s maturing technology is an intriguing development and its progress has been impressive, making us confident that glasses-free 3DTV for the home is going with us in the not too distant future.”

On the market realisation of glasses-free 3DTV, Tamas Vahl, global director iPONT International said: “Major TV operators know that for 3D to truly go mainstream glasses-free 3DTV needs to happen sooner rather than later. Once that conundrum is solved then it will make it easier for pay TV operators to sell 3D TV to the consumer and to programme makers, which we expect to drive the next wave of top-tier HD programming.”

Posted: September 4th, 2011
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