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Toshiba Confirms Glasses Free 3DTV In The Works

Toshiba released a statement this week saying that they are developing technology for a 3-D television that won’t require the viewer to wear 3D glasses.

Spokeswoman Yuko Sugahara declined to comment on a report that Toshiba plans to start selling the new TVs by the end of the year. Yomiuri said Mitsubishi’s technology involves transmitting different images at various angles to create an illusion of dimension and depth, a principle used by current glasses-free monitors.

“Many people don’t like to wear glasses to watch TV for a long time, especially people who must wear 3-D glasses over regular glasses,” Sugahara said.

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Toshiba Announces Its Own 3D TV

toshiba 3d tv
Electronics giants Toshiba have announced that they are also ready to produce a 3D capable TV. Their rivals Samsung revealed earlier this year that they would be releasing three 3D TV sets later this year. Toshiba expressed that it too was developing a similar device, revealing the information as they launched their new range of Freeview HD and LED TVs.

Assistant general manager of Marketing Europe for Toshiba, Olivier Van Wynendaele, made the announcement, saying that the full details of specifications would be revealed at the IFA 2010 this coming September, while they expected the model to ship in the last quarter of the year. “We may not have announced it today but we are looking to release a 3D-Ready TV range this year. We will have more specific details at IFA 2010,” he said.

Posted: February 12th, 2010
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