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Sunny Ocean Studios Unrestricted 3D TV

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Sunny Ocean Studios has announced its running in the glasses-free 3D television techno-battle. There were a number of glasses-free 3D TVs shown at CES, however most of them had flexible, yet pretty limited viewing angles (around 8 or 9.) Sunny Ocean Studios has made the huge claim that its 3D panel will have 64 viewing angles. The company plans to demonstrate the display at next month’s CeBit show in Germany.

Sunny Ocean Studios is currently running its 64-viewing angle technology on a 27-inch monitor. They claim that the tech uses “64 individual frames for the different perspectives in each 3D image.” The press release doesn’t say much more than that, stay tuned for updates on this promising new tech from Sunny Oceans.

Posted: February 3rd, 2010
at 11:53pm by admin

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