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Sony Bravia 3DTV Release Date

sony bravia 3dtv

Sony has recently announced the release date of the Sony Bravia 3D TV, and its just around the corner – June 2010.

Released alongside the Bravia HX803 3DTV will be several stereoscopic game titles for PlayStation 3 which will come with any Sony 3DTV that you purchase. Your PS3 console will be treated to a PS3 3D gaming firmware upgrade prior to the release of the TV’s in order to make it capable.

And with that package will be Sony’s 3D glasses, which are fitted with active shutter technology and have an approximate battery life of 100 hours.

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Sony Active Shutter 3D TV Glasses – Prices!

sony active shutter 3d glasses

Sony has released the official pricing on its active shutter 3D glasses as well as emitter, where both of them will go with the 3D-capable 2010 BRAVIA TV. Starting in June, the TDG-BR100 as well as the TDG-BR50 active shutter 3D glasses will retail for around $133 after conversion.

The 3D glasses are adjustable to help out those of us with glasses or huge heads.

As for the 3D infrared emitter, it will sell for $55. Although if you buy the BRAVIA LX900 series you are in luck as the TV already comes with the emitter integrated within.

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Sony 3DTV Release Dates and Prices

sony 3d tv
The pricing and shipping details of Sony’s latest televisions in Japan and its related accessories have been revealed.

These new television sets have the same style of the NX800 series that is already available with the edge-lit LED LX900 completing the full 3D package.

The NX800 series was also announced in Japan today, accompanied by fellow 2D-only HX700 LCD and DVR-packing BX30H televisions. The IR emitter is built in and it comes with two pairs of RealD active shutter glasses. So all that is required is a source to a the 60-, 51-, 46- and 40-inch models, having prices ranging from $6,444 to $3,222

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Sony 3DTV Bravia LX900 Series


The 60 inch LX900 3DTV from Sony is the first 3DTV that will be available to buy and offers a ton of cool features. The Full HD 3D feature is integrated on this model, however, on other 3D-ready models a separate transmitter will be required to experience 3D images.

Images from the Sony 3DTV will be, according to Sony, unlike anything you’ve seen before and with technology on board like: Motionflow 200Hz PRO, Edge LED back lighting, full HD 1080 resolution and a Deep Black Panel, it should be something to behold. Innovative features such as Bravia Internet Video, which gives you to access online services and stream full screen videos and programs, Bravia Internet Widgets and Wi-Fi ensure that this TV will handle your 3D tv needs for at least a few years.

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Sony Launching 3D TV This Year

sony 3d tv
Sony recently unveiled a couple 3D tvs in two Sony Style stores where consumers can check out the new technology. Sony plans to add additional stores to its demo program in the coming weeks and months.

3D television was the top headline at last month’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Sony said it will make two versions of 3D TV sets available in Canada in the early summer, before the start of the World Cup. One version will work straight out of the box and come with a transmitter and two pairs of active shutter glasses. The transmitter will send the 3D signals to up to eight pairs of glasses.

A second version will be 3-D-capable, but will come without the transmitter and glasses in case the buyer is looking for a high-end TV but isn’t yet sold on 3-D. The transmitter and glasses will be sold separately.

Posted: February 8th, 2010
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