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Sony Launching 3D TV This Year

sony 3d tv
Sony recently unveiled a couple 3D tvs in two Sony Style stores where consumers can check out the new technology. Sony plans to add additional stores to its demo program in the coming weeks and months.

3D television was the top headline at last month’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Sony said it will make two versions of 3D TV sets available in Canada in the early summer, before the start of the World Cup. One version will work straight out of the box and come with a transmitter and two pairs of active shutter glasses. The transmitter will send the 3D signals to up to eight pairs of glasses.

A second version will be 3-D-capable, but will come without the transmitter and glasses in case the buyer is looking for a high-end TV but isn’t yet sold on 3-D. The transmitter and glasses will be sold separately.

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Active Shutter 3D Technology

panasonic active shutter 3d glasses
Sony and Panasonic have recently announced some cool new technology, called “active shutter” for producing the experience of 3D on high definition TVs. The first models are expected to be available in late 2009 or early 2010.

The original 3D experience of movies depended on the viewer wearing stereoscopic green and red glasses. Problem is, it strains the eyes. Another process for 3D uses a special screen and polarized glasses. In this system images for the left and right eye are rapidly alternated, and the glasses pick up the appropriate image for each eye.

Now Sony and Panasonic have introduced an “active shutter” technique for high definition plasma and LCD TVs. The viewer still has to wear polarized glasses, but in this system the glasses have LCD active shutters that are synchronized with signals from the TV. The shutters rapidly block the right and left eye views alternately so each eye receives the correct image.

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XpanD X103 3D Active-Shutter Glasses

XpanD X103 3D Active-Shutter Glasses
XpanD, a designer and manufacturer of a range of consumer electronics 3D solutions, announced it showcased its X103 active-shutter glasses at the 2010 CES show in Las Vegas. With the X103 glasses, XpanD said anyone can experience 3D technology in virtually any environment.

According to the company, the X103 glasses are designed to work with 3D-ready LCD laptop and desktop monitors, LCD, DLP and plasma televisions. Virtually anything capable of playing 3D-encoded content at 120FPS will be compatible with the X103 glasses, making it possible for users to enjoy immersive 3D environments for video games, movies, TV and presentations.

XpanD active-shutter glasses utilize a specialized fast-switching liquid crystal cell, called the “pi-cell,” as a shutter to alternately block each eye. Through switching, optimal extinction ratios, and a wide viewing field, the XpanD active-shutter glasses offer a flicker-free 3D experience.


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