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The Dark Crystal Sequel Will Be In 3D

dark crystal 3d
As if they’d have it any other way. As a fan of the original, I am praying to the Gentle Mystics that they don’t destroy this film by giving it a modern, 3D, made-for-short-attention-spans appeal to the masses. The Henson Company has formally announced that Daybreakers (uh oh) directing team Peter and Michael Spierig will be making Power Of The Dark Crystal this year.

Screenwriter Craig Pearce (who worked with Baz Luhrmann on Moulin Rouge and Romeo + Juliet), has set the sequel hundreds years after the events of the original film, at a time when darkness has once more fallen across the world. A girl made of fire must journey with a Gelfling outcast to use a fragment of the crystal to re-ignite the sun. Hmmm. Sounds cool – we’ll see.

Fantasy artist Brian Froud is back on board creating the conceptual design for the movie, which will blend puppetry and animatronics with CGI.

Posted: May 7th, 2010
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