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LG Wants 25% 3DTV Marketshare With Infinia

LG Infinia 3DTV
LG, the second biggest TV brand, said it is aiming to sell nearly 1 million 3D TVs this year to take 25% of the market, joining a growing number of companies investing their hopes in that 3D will become the next big then.

South Korea’s LG Electronics said on Thursday it wanted to increase market share in 3D TVs more aggressively, hoping to keep its lead over Sony and combat falling prices with premium models.

“Our goal is boosting market share in 3D TVs and you can clearly see that, as our target for 3D market share is 10 percentage points above our LCD TV sales target,” Havis Kwon, LG’s vice president and head of the LCD division told reporters.

LG, which competes with Samsung and Sony, said it expected the global 3D TV market to grow to around 3.8 million units this year and to more than 13 million in 2011.

Posted: March 24th, 2010
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