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3DTV Health Concerns And Warnings

3d tv risks
Samsung’s 3D TV’s have now gone on sale, and they are accompanied by a lengthy warning about associated health risks. Clearly the company is trying to cover their bases just in case anything, and we mean, anything, could go haywire.

From Samsung’s official statement:

“If you experience any of the following symptoms, immediately stop watching 3D pictures and consult a medical specialist: (1) altered vision; (2) lightheadedness; (3) dizziness; (4) involuntary movements such as eye or muscle twitching; (5) confusion; (6) nausea; (7) loss of awareness; (8) convulsions; (9) cramps; and/or (10) disorientation. Parents should monitor and ask their children about the above symptoms as children and teenagers may be more likely to experience these symptoms than adults.”

Among the most high risk groups that Samsung points out are: pregnant women, young children, teens, the elderly, people prone to seizures or stroke, people prone to dizziness or motion sickness, people with eye problems, people who are out of shape, and people who have been drinking.

So….who does that leave exactly? And what will the fallout be for the potential 3D gaming industry?

Posted: April 16th, 2010
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