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Toshiba’s Glasses-Free 3DTV

Already jumping forward in the 3D tech universe, Toshiba has announced its intentions to release a 3DTV that doesn’t require special 3D glasses to get that 3D effect.

Toshiba’s mobile display division has built the 21-inch auto-stereoscopic high-definition display using the same technology that will power Nintendo’s upcoming 3D handheld. The only major difference is size – obviously.

The company’s technology makes use of an integral imaging system called a “light field” display to create 3D without glasses over a thirty degree viewing angle. The effect without glasses is done using a “multi-parallax” method. This lessens possible eye fatigue and makes the 3D image change depending on where the watcher is while watching the TV.

At this point, the viewer likely has to be sitting in a very specific spot to get the full effect, so expect this technology to be less than impressive in its infancy.

Posted: April 27th, 2010
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